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Here you can find all information about all exhibitions of St.Petersburg. Besides you also have opportunity to get more information about organizers of exhibitions, exhibitional services and more.

Exhibitional Center of North-West Russia


Central Exhibitory Hall "Manege"

Schedule of exhibitions
 Exhibitional Center of North-West Russia

Exhibitional area - 3500 square meters. Banquet Halls - for 300 seats and 50 seats. Convention Halls - for 550, 175 and 100 seats.
196143, St.Petersburg, pl.Pobedy, 2
Phone (495) 373-50-65, 373-81-44
Fax (812) 373-52-78
Exhibitory Center was built by order of  governor of St.Petersburg in 1997. It is located in prestigious district of the cityв – pl.Pobedy, 2, not far from metro station  «Moskovskaya». Parking – free and capacious. The Center has a big experience in organization of different kinds of meetings  such as «Russian Quality Traditions», « Safety arrangements  – ХХ1 century», «Goods and Technologies for North», «ZdravExpo – North-West» and exhibitions «Man and Health», «Man and Ecology», «Forum of Northern Areas»,fashion shows. Besides of «guest» meetings this Exhibitory Center organize and carry two annual exhibitions «Safety arrangements» and «Load-and-carry equipment».Carrier cables, chains, load-handling devices.   
Exhibitory areas: Marble hall – 1400 square meters, Small hall – 175 square meters.
Exhibitory facilities: stand panels, tables, chairs, glass-cases and others.
Check-room for 600 seats.

Convention halls:
Red hall – 550 seats, variant – «amphitheatre», easychairs. Stage 100 square meters, curtain, projection screen.
Blue hall – 175 seats, easychairs, top table, rostrum, 2 blackboards, microphones.
Green hall – 100 seats, classroom or round table, easychairs.
Big banquet hall for 300 seats - 333 square meters
Small banquet hall for 50 seats - 51 square meters.

§ Arrangement of exhibitions, conferences, seminars.
§ Lease of exhibitory areas, convention halls, banquet halls.
§ Providing of exhibitory and presentation equipment.
§ Construction of exhibitions and  expositions by client’s sketches on other grounds of St.Petersburg.
§ Hotel accommodation.
§ Arrangement of cultural program.
§ Food: dinners, coffee brakes, cold table.
§  Polygraphic  services.

Lenexpo ОАО (Saint-Petersburg)
Saint-Petersburg, V.О., Bolshoy pr. 103
(812) 321 26 15
(812) 321 26 52
Proper areas
open (square meters) 60000
closed (square meters) 25000
St.Petersburg has remained among the largest exhibiting centers of Russia until today. Lenexpo, as a member of UFI and Union of Exhibitions and Fairs of CIS and Baltic States, proudly continues the traditions of its predecessors. More than a million visitors from all countries and cities attend to our exhibitions annually, and the number keeps growing.
 The first exhibition has been held in Lenexpo in 1968. In 1989 the company became to a selfstanding union, and four years later have been transformed from a state-owned to an independent joint-stock company.
During the three decades of its history Lenexpo had successfully ran mroe than a thousand of exhibitions, many of them becoming permanent and keep attracting thousands of local and foreign participants. About 7 thousand companies from 50-60 countries of the world present their businesses in Lenexpo annually.
More about Exhibitory Spaces >>>>>>>>

Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"
Exhibitory areas - 3500 square meters. Banquet Halls -  300 seats and 50 seats. Meeting Halls -  550 seats, 175 and 100 seats.ОАО "Lenexpo" (Saint-Petersburg)
St. Petersburg, Isakievskaya pl., 1
(812) 314 88 59
(812) 314 82 54
From the foundation day "Manege" remains the biggest exhibition center of St. Petersburg. The exhibition space is almost 4,5 thousands square meters.

The main activity – arrangement of noncommercial art exhibitions.
Every month «Manege" represents new expositions, various in composition and content, figuration and presentation. There is a wide range of exhibitions: retrospective exhibitions; exhibitions of modern art; exhibitions devoted to cultural and spiritual heritage of Saint-Petersburg; exhibitions between museums; exhibitions from private particular collections; international exhibitions.

Exhibitions are often accompanied by meetings with artists, art and cultural seminars, concerts of modern and classical music, master classes. A lot of specialists and art representatives are take part in exhibitions.
Exhibition Center of North-West Russia
20-22 June
Exhibition "BioTopExpo"
ЗАО "Сивел"
11-15 August
Forth Orthodox exhibition "Savior of the Honey Feast Day"
ВК "Нева-Экспо"
7 September
8th business meeting "Medium and small business of entertainment (welcome) and tourist trade industries"
НП  "Невский фонд"
14-20 September
Exhibition  "Autumn Garden / Elegante Autumn"
ВК "Нева-Экспо"
27 September - 1 October
Exhibition "Health. Longevity"
 РИА "Панда" 
26-29 October
2nd Exhibition "Winter offers / The beauty of a stone. Style and fashion accessories  "
 ВК "Нева-Экспо"
1-3 November
 Exhibition "Art of Entertainment"
 ООО "Титан"
21-24 November
Congress "Man and Health"
 "Человек и его здоровье"
6-10 December
3d Exhibition "A New Year Ado / Christmas Tree Bazaar"
ВК "Нева-Экспо"
Lenexpo ОАО
Central Exhibitory Hall "Manege"
22/06/06-24/06/06 Exhibition of Japanese Modern Art "Cultural Heritage of a Future. White Nights in Saint-Petersburg"
Exhibition plan
III International Art Graphics Biennale in St.Petersburg. Organizer:  Art Graphics Development Foundation» Modern Art Graphics”
29 June 2006
22 July 2006
Experimental Art Festival
11 August 2006
24 August 2006
"Happy to be at home again…". Devouted to Alexander III and Maria Fedorovna.
06 September 2006
03 October 2006
Russian Venture Fair. Organizer: Russian association of Direct  Investiment and Venture Investiment.
10 October 2006
11 October 2006
IV St.Petersburg Photo Vernissage "Metamorphosis of Game". Organizers: ЦВЗ "Манеж", ИВЦ "Реал"
14 October 2006
19 October 2006
XI St.Petersburg Photo Exposition. Organizer: ИВЦ "Реал"
26 October 2006
29 October 2006
"Orthodox Russia". Organizer: ВО "Рестэк"
01 November 2006
09 November 2006
Festival of Saint-Petersburg Galleries. Organizer: Санкт-Петербургское Общество поддержки художников
10 November 2006
25 November 2006
Exhibition devoted to 25 Anniversary of Leningradskiy Rock-Club. Organizer: Leningradskiy Rock-Club
16 November 2006
21 November 2006
International Exhibition "Education and Career - XXI century"
24 November 2006
25 November2006
VI Home Cinema. Organizer: ИВЦ "Реал"
30 November 2006
03 December 2006
"Saint-Petersburg Jeweler- 2006". Organizer: Выставочное объединение "Мир камня"
05 December 2006
11 December 2006
"City of Childhood"
12 December 2006
17 December 2006
"Sign - 2006"
14 December 2006
17 December 2006
"Municipal order of Leningrad region"
21 December 2006
23 December 2006








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