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About us

Today's travel and hospitality industries are global in every respect. That's why our 10-year old firm is called UTS (Universal Travel Services)-a name intended to reflect the phenomenal growth and almost daily changes that characterize the 21st century travel market.

Because of the market's fast scope and rapid expansion, a partial approach does not respond to travellers' requirements. The outdated notion of just 'trips and transport' is no longer adequate to answer clients' needs. That's why, in the world of travel, UTS does it all!

In ever-greater numbers, ordinary travellers are becoming seasoned travellers (now happily including many Russians). The travel savvy of businessmen and holiday-goers the world over is constantly increasing. This is good news for everybody. As a result the number of choices available to the traveller is more vast and varied than ever before; at the same time, costs are becoming more competitive. At UTS, discounted services and lower prices are a fact of life: the more regularly you do business with us, the less you pay.


Our only responsibility is to you, our clients.

It has become increasingly difficult for businessmen and tourists to relax while travelling. Everybody wants to arrive safely and comfortably, of course, but the journey itself shouldn't impose a burden, either. After all, there is still truth in the maxim that "getting there is half the fun." Time and enjoyment are literally stolen from travellers, and visitors to St. Petersburg, when excessive bureaucratic demands are made on their time. That's why at UTS we feel that among our chief duties to our clients is helping to simplify and facilitate their travel plans by absorbing a greater than usual share of the bureaucratic headache-whether for foreigners coming to Russia, or for Russians travelling abroad.

The key factor in our ability to do this is the excellent relationship, as well as the unblemished reputation, that UTS maintains with the St. Petersburg Office of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That strong bond of mutual respect is of special significance to you, our clients-whether you're a foreigner coming to Russia or a Russian citizen leaving on business or holiday.


We are an energetic group of experienced travel experts, educated in travel and tourism and guided by the axiomatic business virtues of good service and good value.

Our clients appreciate the fact that we try just a little harder, that our response to inquiries is invariably quick and cordial. We make common-sense proposals that can facilitate travel plans, as well as enhance hospitality when you come to St. Petersburg. We believe that our clients deserve to travel without undue hardships or, while visiting St. Petersburg, should derive maximum pleasure from their stay.

of Personalized Service.

We respond to our clients' travel needs quickly and cordially.

We offer a broad range of travel services, in fact all the services of the world's largest travel agencies. But we have the added advantage of being small enough to cater to our clients' individual and specific wishes. Because of our flexibility and desire to please clients, we continually add to, develop and innovate our customer services.

We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied clients!


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